About Roxanne Kieltyka

Roxanne Kieltyka

Roxanne was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor in Materials Chemistry in June 2003. Shortly thereafter, she joined the group of Prof. Hanadi Sleiman at McGill University, where she received her PhD degree in 2009. Her thesis was on the development of novel platinum-based complexes for the targeting of G-quadruplexes as an anticancer therapy. She then performed her postdoctoral work in the group of Prof. E.W. Meijer on the synthesis of supramolecular polymers for application in the biomedical field. Since 2013, Roxanne is an Assistant Professor within the Supramolecular and Biomaterials Chemistry group at Leiden University. In 2018, she was named one of the Talented 12 by C&E News.